Mirakler til salgs

En dokumentar å få med seg. En kakebake oppskrift på hvordan en ved litt hjelp og en porsjon frekkhet kan bli helbreder og loppe godtroende mennesker for penger.

Det handler om en spesifikk svindel hvor man bruker gud og troen som verktøy og hvor gudsord ropes høyt under dekke av at herren helbreder alt. Her viser Derren Brown oss oppskriften på hvordan du blir en helbreder ved hjelp av svindel og frekkhetens nådegaver. Et must å få med seg.

Jeg har et tidligere blogginnlegg: Tricks of the Mind and Science of Scams som sier litt om hvem Derren Brown er. Det er jo et tankekors at magikere og illusjonister er flinkere til å formidle skepsis enn mange rasjonalister når det kommer til stykket… Når Derren Brown ”avslører” mye av det tøvet som vi er omgitt med til daglig så er ikke dette annet en ren folkeopplysning på en ny måte som burde få flere til å bli en smule mer kritisk til sjarlataner som hevder de er synske, kan helbrede. Fellesnevneren er at de ønsker sine lange klamme fingre ned i lommeboken vår.


Fra Derren Browns eget blogginnlegg i forbindelse dokumentaren:
This is the special about faith-healing that some of you will have heard about. It has been the most intensely difficult project that I have attempted: to train an ordinary member of the public as a faith healer, then take him out to Texas, the heart of the Bible Belt, and try to pass him off as the real deal. We filmed this at the end of last year amidst concerns that we had bitten off far more than we could chew.

The film we made is driven by a desire to expose what I consider to be a foul and dangerous fraud at the expense of the sick, the needy and the faithful all over the world. It is not a comment on the church, or belief, or even, before some people get upset, the idea that God can or can’t heal. It is about a specific fraud, a greedy trick that has nothing to do with God whatsoever, beyond the fact that his name gets shouted around a lot. We made the show with the involvement of Christians and pastors who had been involved in that particular scene.

And then there’s the money. This is the hub of the whole operation. The financial motivation seems to be closely linked to something called the Prosperity Gospel, which has to be the most perverse and self-serving piece of scripture-twisting I have ever come across. It was loudly preached by Oral Roberts and made popular in the 90s, and takes the rather lovely idea of ‘sow and ye shall reap’ and re-defines it as a financial incentive. Jesus bestows his blessings in the form of money. How do you get these blessings? You first give money. More than you can afford, otherwise it doesn’t count. Jesus will repay you hundredfold. If he doesn’t, you probably didn’t give enough, or perhaps you have secret sin or not enough faith. And to whom do you give your money? Your preacher, naturally.You might want to read that through again if this logic is something new to you. Not surprisingly, the big name preachers earn far more than any Hollywood A-lister from this system. Proof of the fact that Jesus bestows his blessings in the form of money? The stinking richness of your pastor. Perhaps his fleet of private jets might just convince you. And these donations come in not just from a mesmerised flock gathering twice on a Sunday, they flood in from millions of people on mailing lists which form the backbone of the big business of faith healing. The TV rallies, the crusade events, are all designed to encourage people to sign up and send in a sizeable chunk of their earnings every month. Cash floods in tax-free (for as long as you say it’s a church you are pretty much left alone by the IRS) and is spent on lifestyles that in some cases reach beyond imaginable luxury. People imagine perhaps that the money goes somewhere worthwhile to support God’s work. It’s disheartening watching the sick and the elderly put cash they can’t afford into the donation buckets at these vast crusades when I hear of how one big-name healer spent thousands of dollars after a rally, in said cash, on hotel room service and rent boys. More


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